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JISDM 2019
Od Srijeda 15 Svibanj 2019
Do Petak 17 Svibanj 2019
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4th Joint International Symposium on Deformation Monitoring (JISDM), will be held in Athens, Greece from 15 to 17 May, 2019.

The Symposium will be held at Eugenides Foundation, Athens Greece. ISDM 2019 is organized by the National Technical University of Athens, Greece and endorsed by the three leading scientific and professional organizations in the field; namely the FIG, the IAG and the ISPRS. Founded in 1837, the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest Technical University in Greece.  Established as a prestigious university of science and technology, NTUA accommodates almost 10 thousand students of PhD, Master and undergraduate level. The School of Rural and Surveying Engineering (SRSE) is one of the nine academic Schools of the NTUA that among other scientific fields it has a long tradition in geodesy and geomatics.

JISDM carries the 40 year tradition of the FIG and IAG joint symposia in the field of deformation monitoring and more recently the active sponsorship of ISPRS. The symposium aims to connect research in deformation measurement / techniques, analysis and interpretation with advanced practice. Bringing together leading experts from the academia, the industry and representatives from public authorities along with promising young scientists, the symposium is an excellent forum for scientific discussion and interaction.


Lokacija Athens, Greece.
Τ. 2310257819 (Congress Line), 2310272275
W. http://jisdm2019.survey.ntua.gr

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